Flector Tissugel/Flector

Country Tradenames for Flector Patch
Austria Flector® EP Pflaster
Belgium Flector Tissugel® 1% / VoltaPatch™ Tissugel™ 1%
Central and Latin America Dioxaflex® parches
Chile Flector® EP Tissugel
Cyprus Flector® EP Tissugel
Czech Republic Flector® EP Tissugel
France Flector TissugelEP® 1%
Germany Flector Schmerzpflaster / Voltaren® Wirkstoff Pflaster
Greece Dicloplast®
Gulf Area Flector EP Tissugel®
Hong Kong Flector EP Tissugel®
Hungary Flector® EP Tapasz
Israel Dicloplast®
Italy Dicloreum® cerotto medicato / Flector® cerotto medicato
Lebanon Flector EP Tissugel®
Lybia Flector EP Tissugel®
Mauritius Flector® Tissugel
Mexico Dioxaflex® parches
Morocco Flector Tissugel
Portugal Flector® Tissugel
Singapore Flector® Tissugel
Slovak Republic Flector® EP nàplast’
Switzerland Flector EP Tissugel®
US Flector® patch

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